People with disability want the same things in life as other people in the community. They want the opportunity to live an ordinary life – somewhere to live, a job, a good education, the company of family and friends or the freedom to go to the beach or the movies.

They want to be able to do the same things most other people take for granted. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been introduced to help make this a reality. As part of the NDIS, the Australian Government established Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC). ILC focuses on building an individual’s capacity to live an ordinary life and creating opportunities in the community to do so.

Genuine and meaningful community inclusion can only be achieved when people with disability, government and community work together. ILC will help bring people together to achieve that important goal. While ILC funding is distributed through grants, ILC is more than an ordinary grants program – it is a catalyst for change.

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Who is this Toolkit for?

This Toolkit can be used by anyone – from small organisations run by people with disability, to large organisations that would like to be involved in delivering ILC activities for the first time. It will be helpful whether you’re an established organisation with a strong track record of working with people with disability, or an organisation implementing new and innovative ideas.

This Toolkit provides general guidance only. Organisations interested in applying for a grant through ILC need to make sure they read and follow the information contained in each grant's Grant Guidelines and any invitation to apply released by the NDIA.

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Got your own ILC idea?

Why not build your own ILC outcomes story? This is a quick tool to help you describe how your ILC idea will achieve outcomes for people with disability.

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What are outcomes?

ILC is about creating positive and lasting changes for people with disability. These changes are called outcomes. If you are looking to support the inclusion of people with disability in your community consider what outcomes your activity will achieve.

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