Full funding application - things to consider

Writing a funding application? This checklist may come in handy when it comes to making sure you’ve completed all parts of the application as completely and accurately as you can.

Remember, this checklist is just a guide to help you complete the application form – it does not replace the application form.

Organisational and legal information to consider

  • Your organisation’s legal name  
  • Your organisation’s legal entity type
  • Your organisation’s ABN
  • The name, phone number, and email address of the key contact within your organisation

Information about your proposal to consider

  • A statement about the ILC activity you propose to deliver
  • A description of your key goals and intended outcomes
  • A statement about the projected number of people who will benefit from your activity
  • The geographic area served by your organisation (city, county, state, district, etc.)
  • Further detail about how your activity fits into one of ILC’s four Activity Areas
  • Further detail about how your activity fits into one or more of the ILC’s five Focus Areas
  • Further detail about how your activity delivers one or more of the five ILC Outcomes
  • Your anticipated activity timeline - i.e. start and end dates
  • Number of internal staff you have working to deliver your activities
  • Any collaborations and partnerships you might have with other organisations and their role
  • How you monitor progress of your activities over time
  • How you will evaluate the success of your activities
  • Your communications strategy

Need help telling the story of the change you are trying to achieve?

Take a look at our ILC outcomes story builder tool

Financial information to consider

  • Your organisation’s annual budget
  • Summary of your organisation's income and expenses
  • Percentage breakdown of income, i.e. public funding, corporate support, earned or generated income, foundation support, individual donors
  • Your organisation’s most recently audited financial statement
  • Total expenses budgeted for your project (breakdown of capital versus operational costs)
  • Total amount raised for your project so far
  • List of your organisation’s anticipated funding sources (committed, secured, pending, including other grant applications submitted and to whom)
  • Sustainability plan – how you are securing funding independent of the ILC grant funding