Current and Future Funding Opportunities

There is a new Disabled Peoples and Families  Organisations (DPFOs) – Information Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Readiness Grant  Round open for organisations who meet the DPFO eligibility criteria.

This round opens on Tuesday 27 November 2018 and closes on Friday 21 December 2018 at 2.00pm (AEDT).

Find out more about this grant round on the Department of Social Security (DSS) Community Grants Hub website, available in the resources section of this page.

The NDIA will announce information about future funding opportunities later in 2018 on the NDIS website and here in the ILC Toolkit.

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Future funding opportunities

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are changing how funding is distributed in building the capacity of individuals and communities to be more inclusive and accessible.

The DPFO grant round lays the foundations for the new approach to ILC investment.

The NDIA aims to release information about the new approach at the end of 2018.

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Disabled Peoples and Families Organisations Grant Round

The DPFO grant round opens on Tuesday 27 November 2018 and closes at 2.00pm (AEDT) on Friday 21 December 2018.

It is an open grant round for organisations that meet the eligibility criteria. This grant round is the first several initiatives to support the DPFO sector.

NDIA’s preparation for this round shows that peer support is successful in building the skills and confidence of people with disability, with DPFO’s an effective delivery vehicle.

By building a robust network of DPFOs, who connect and support all people with disability in their community, we will see an overall increase in:

  • motivation, confidence and empowerment to act
  • independence and relationship building
  • participation and contribution to community life and economy.

The Department of Social Security (DSS) will be running this grant round in accordance with the Commonwealth Government Grant Guidelines, available via the DSS Community Grant Hub website in the resources section on this page.

The grant round is open to organisations who identify as a DPFO and meet the eligibility criteria in the DPFO Grant Opportunity Guidelines in the resources section.

Identifying a Disabled Peoples and Families Organisation

In this grant round DPFOs are user-led organisations that:

  • actively demonstrate their commitment to the Social Model of disability, which seeks to remove barriers for people with disability so they can access mainstream services and live an ordinary life
  • are run/led by and for people with disability and/or their families
  • have a minimum 50 per cent of their board, staff, volunteers or members represented by people with a disability and/or their families.

Organisation led by and for ILC’s priority cohort groups are also eligible to apply. These are organisations with a minimum of 50 per cent representation of the cohort group on the board, staff, volunteers or members

  • ILC priority cohort groups for this funding round are:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
    • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex and Plus (LGBTQI+).

To learn more about the eligibility requirements, please download the DPFO Grant Opportunity Guidelines available in the resources section.

To submit an application or get further detail for the DPFO grant round, visit the DSS Community Grants Hub website in the resources section.

Organisations who do not identify as DPFOs will have opportunities to apply for other ILC funding rounds.

To find out about upcoming funding rounds, see General funding resources.

DPFO Grant Resources

General funding resources

ILC Funded Projects

Three grant rounds are being delivered from July 2018 with a total of 160 projects across three rounds receiving ILC funding:

Information about these grant rounds and the 2017 - 2018 Round 1 National Readiness Grants and 2017 - 2018 ACT Jurisdictional-based Grants are included below.


Just over $28 million over two years has been allocated to deliver 43 ILC National Readiness (Round 2) activities across Australia. Activities funded through this grant round align with the ILC Activity Area One – Information, linkages and referrals.

ILC National Readiness Grants (Round 2) (DOCX 61KB).

ILC National Readiness Grants (Round 2) (PDF)

More than $28.5 million over two years has been allocated to deliver 104 ILC Jurisdictional Based grants (Round 2) in NSW, SA and ACT. Fifty-five activities will be delivered in NSW, 32 in SA and 17 in ACT. The recipients of the ILC Jurisdictional Based Grants for each jurisdiction can be found below:


Just over $14 million was allocated to deliver ILC National Readiness activities across Australia in Round 1 and up to $3 million was made available in 2017-18 to deliver ILC in the ACT through the Jurisdictional Based Grant Round 1. The recipients of grant funding for both these grants are listed on the NDIS website.

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