A rural youth project

A project that connects young people with disability in a rural area with each other via multimedia or social media.

For this example case study:
The ILC Activity Area is individual capacity building (also Information, linkages and referrals).
The ILC Focus Area is remote/rural delivery.


1. Why is your idea important?

  • Young people with disability in rural and regional areas are particularly at risk of being socially isolated.
  • We surveyed young people and they told us they’d like to be more connected with their peers through social media.

2. Who will you work with?

Young people between the ages of 12-25 with disability and living in rural and regional areas.


3. What will you do?

Connect young people up to a social media platform that allows them to share knowledge and advice and make new social connections.

4. What changes will take place?

  • Increased skills and capacity.
  • Increased use of information to make decisions to shape and plan an ordinary life.
  • People with disability are connected and have the information they need to make decisions and choices.

These case studies are from the ILC Commission Framework, a document that you should also get familiar with.

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