A telephone information service

A telephone information service for people with disability, staffed by people with disability.

For this example case study:
The ILC Activity Area is individual capacity building. 
The ILC Focus Area is remote/rural delivery (and Multi-regional activities).


1. Why is your idea important?

People with disability have the skills and knowledge to assist their peers and are viewed as a trusted source of information.


2. Who will you work with?

  • People with disability who would like information about a particular disability.
  • People seeking information about a particular disability.

3. What will you do?

  • Hire and train people with disability to work on a telephone information service.
    Provide telephone support to interested community members.

4. What changes will take place?

  • Increased access to high quality, accessible, relevant and easy to understand information.
  • Increased self advocacy, independence and relationship building.
  • People with disability lead, shape and influence their community.

These case studies are from the ILC Commission Framework, a document that you should also get familiar with.

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