Yarning circle

A yarning circle (peer group) for Aboriginal women to assist their community to support people with disability, led by a local Aboriginal organisation.

For this example case study:
The ILC Activity Area is information, linkages and referrals.
The ILC Focus Area is cohort focused delivery.


1. Why is your idea important?

  • Yarning circles are a culturally appropriate and power way to assist Aboriginal community members to support people with disability.
  • We asked people in the community and they said they really like yarning circles.

2. Who will you work with?

Aboriginal women under the age of 65.


3. What will you do

  • Run yarning circle (peer-group) sessions for 10-15 participants
  • x8 sessions will be held over a six month period and the sessions will be for 1 hour

4. What changes will take place?

  • Increased access to high quality information about a specific disability.
  • Improved knowledge about a disability and where to find appropriate support from mainstream and community services.
  • People with disability have the skills and confidence to participate and contribute to the community and protect their rights.