ILC Outcomes

Up until now, most organisations that receive grant funding have been asked to report on outputs such as how many people have visited their website, or used a phone line or participated in a peer support group.

This is changing with ILC. Instead of measuring outputs, organisations will need to describe, measure and report on outcomes. This will help the NDIA – and your organisation - to determine the real and practical impact that ILC is having on the lives of people with disability.

Learn more: What are outcomes?

ILC is setting out to achieve five long-term outcomes for people with disability. These are that:

  1. People with disability are connected and have the information they need to make decisions and choices.
  2. People with disability have the skills and confidence to participate and contribute to the community and protect their rights.
  3. People with disability use and benefit from the same mainstream services as everyone else.
  4. People with disability participate in and benefit from the same community activities as everyone else.
  5. People with disability actively contribute to leading, shaping and influencing their community.

Under the new ILC Investment Strategy, the NDIA has committed to strengthening monitoring and evaluation of all funding provided through the future funding streams.